Your contribution will help our tree planting and our fight against global warming


For every $100 of contributions to our cause, we will plant and protect at least 20 trees.  Some will be planted on our land and we will also donate to other tree planting organisations around the world in order to encourage widespread and diverse healing of forests.  This will soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, thus mitigating global warming.  It will also provide habitat for wildlife.

For every $10 we will plant two trees.  By aggregating many small contributions we can do more good than can individuals acting alone.

We will also put contributions towards purchasing land to plant trees, buying renewable energy certificates and purchasing solar panels to sell green electricity into the grid.  The trees that we plant will not be harvested for any purpose.  However, part of our work does involve plantations which will be harvested thus protecting old growth forests. Furthermore, a small component of contributions will be put towards our research and advocacy.  In these ways, you know that your contribution will be leveraged to the maximum degree.

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Charlie Nelson
Director Foreseechange Pty Ltd